Nori Roasted Seaweed for Making Sushi Rolls

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Work­ing with Nori Roasted Sea­weed for Mak­ing Sushi

Hi, this is Sushi Mark here. Today we’re going to be talk­ing about Nori – or the roasted sea­weed. This is a vital ingre­di­ent when you are talk­ing about mak­ing sushi for hand rolls and for Amer­i­can style sushi rolls. And it is a very del­i­cate ingre­di­ent to work with and I want to share some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way so you can eas­ily work with it and improve your sushi mak­ing skills.

So, here we have a piece of the Nori Roasted Sea­weed itself. You see it’s paper-thin; it’s about 7 inches by 8 inches and in order to do half a roll – which is a Cal­i­for­nia roll; a cou­ple of ingre­di­ents – you just fold it in half and here you have half a sheet, per­fect for a Cal­i­for­nia roll with just three ingre­di­ents, maybe just a crab stick, some cream cheese or a spicy crab roll. For some of the big­ger rolls, you need to use 3/4s of a sheet. I just pinch this off but this is for a big­ger roll; my shrimp tem­pura rolls, my green dragon rolls, spi­der rolls, a lot of the other rolls get this size of a sheet.

When you go to buy Nori Roasted Sea­weed, it comes in 10 packs or in larger 50 packs. I always rec­om­mend that you get the 10 pack, even if you are mak­ing a lot of sushi. If you have a big pack of 50 and it’s stale, all will be stale. There is a huge dif­fer­ence between Nori Roasted Sea­weed that is fresh; it crum­ples. This is still fresh and this is the sound that you want – it’s very brit­tle. This has a beautiful…well, it tastes like sea­weed! It has a nice, toasted taste to it and I enjoy it all by myself.

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Work­ing with Roasted Sea­weed (Nori) for Mak­ing Sushi

Let’s talk about price. For the 10 sheet pack­age, I paid about $2 at the local Asian mar­ket. You can get it online; you can get it from my web­site, of course, at This is about $2. Every­one has started car­ry­ing this. Your whole­salers will have them; gro­cery stores have started car­ry­ing them too. You might pay a lit­tle bit more because it is a spe­cialty item in some of these stores but if you order it online, you’ll be good to go as well. $2 for the smaller item and for the larger 50 pack, I paid about $7. Like I said, unless you’re mak­ing a ton of sushi, 50 sheets is a lot; that is a lot of sushi. I always rec­om­mend to go with the 10 sheet and you can get that online or on my web­site at

I take this zip lock back. If I’m using it right away, I’ll skip this step, but if I’m not using it right away I’ll put it in another plas­tic bag; just another layer of pro­tec­tion because it does have a lim­ited shelf life. You’re going to store this for a cou­ple of weeks or a month or so, but I nor­mally go buy it fresh every time I make sushi just to make sure that I have fresh Nori. Each of these pack­ages help to pre­vent mois­ture get­ting in there from the air, there’s a sil­i­con pack and that helps to keep the mois­ture away from sea­weed, because mois­ture will ruin the seaweed.

I keep it away from water when I’m mak­ing sushi. I’ll take one piece out at a time; never take the whole stack out and put it on the table. It’s more time con­sum­ing but it pro­tects the Nori Roasted Sea­weed so you don’t get any water on there. Your hands will be wet when deal­ing with the rice.

Sea­weed does have two sides. You can have a shiny side and more of a flat side. It really depends on the type of roll you’re mak­ing. Nor­mally it doesn’t mat­ter if you have the rice on the out­side of the roll but if you’re going to have the rice on the inside, you want the shiny side out so it looks really nice. The rice will stick to either side with­out dif­fi­culty; I haven’t found a difference.

If you’ve enjoyed these tips and tricks on how to use Nori Roasted Sea­weed
, you can visit my web­site,, to buy it through Ama­zon. I am an affil­i­ate; I do earn a com­mis­sion. And I thank you for sup­port­ing my sushi site and above all, I hope you enjoy mak­ing your sushi. Thank you for watching.

Nori Roasted Sea­weed for Mak­ing Sushi

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Nori Roasted Sea­weed for Mak­ing Sushi

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