How to Make Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll Sushi Rolls Recipes

How to Make Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

This spicy tuna sushi roll recipe is one of the best tuna sushi roll recipes I have ever had the plea­sure of enjoy­ing. The spicy tuna mixed with the fresh, crunchy, sweet cucum­ber strips, and the rich fla­vor of the toasted sesame seeds cre­ate a fla­vor that is pleas­ing to almost any tuna sushi roll palette.  This spicy tuna sushi roll recipe can be served with the sesame seeds on top, or sub­sti­tuted with masago, as well as gar­nished by gin­ger, wasabi, or spicy mayo.

Equip­ment Needed:

  • Sushi Mat
  • Wet Sharp Ser­rated Knife
  • 1 Gal­lon Freezer Bag
  • Clean wet rag


  • Nori (1/2 Sheet)
  • Sushi Rice (Pre­pared; One Palmful)
  • Roughly Chopped Yel­low Fin Tuna (1/2 cup)
  • Cucum­ber Slices (1/4” thick and the length of the roll)
  • Srirachi Hot Sauce (to taste)

Optional Ingre­di­ents:

  • Wasabi
  • Pick­led Ginger
  • Spicy Mayo

Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll Top­ping: Toasted sesame seeds and black sesame seeds

Toasted Seasame seeds for topping a Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

Toasted Seasame seeds for top­ping a Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

Black Sesame Seeds for Spicy Tuna Roll

Black Sesame Seeds for Spicy Tuna Roll

Cucumbers for Spicy Tuna Roll

Cucum­bers for Spicy Tuna Roll

Pre­sen­ta­tion: Square white plates make this dish pop. My favorite ones have reser­voirs along the side for wasabi to give this dish and extra kick, and pick­led gin­ger for a tangy bite.

Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

Make sure that the sushi mat is tucked into a clean one-gallon plas­tic zip lock style bag prior to cre­at­ing the salmon roll to ensure that the sushi pre­pared rice does not stick to the mat. Start off with a half sheet of Nori, and add a small hand­ful of sushi pre­pared rice. Add a gen­er­ous help­ing of the toasted golden and black sesame seeds, press down gen­tly and flip the roll over so that it is Nori side up. Roughly chop the yel­low fin tuna and add srirachi hot sauce to taste. I pur­chased my tuna pre­vi­ously frozen at sea in a vac­uum pack, and use left­over pieces from other sushi and sashimi rolls. Make sure to uni­formly place the yel­low fin tuna across the entirety of the roll. Add srirachi hot sauce to taste.

Yellow Fin Tuna for Sushi Rolls

Yel­low Fin Tuna for Sushi Rolls

Place the cucum­ber slices in the cen­ter of the spicy tuna roll to cover the length of the roll. The cucum­ber slices mel­lows the spici­ness of the tuna and gives the roll a nice crunch and crispi­ness. The goal is to have even amounts of both in each piece of sushi. I roll the fill­ing with my fin­gers, press it down and then roll it over to seal it, and then press it down again so that it is firmed up. Now it is time to cut this deli­cious spicy tuna sushi roll. Make sure to have the clean, wet rag on hand so that the knife can be wiped between cuts.

Yellow Fin Tuna Loin for Sashimi and Sushi

Yel­low Fin Tuna Loin for Sashimi and Sushi

Cut the sushi roll in half, and wipe the knife. Line up the sushi rolls and cut again and then once again ensur­ing uni­formly sized pieces. This roll is absolutely stun­ning with the yel­low fin tuna, and beau­ti­ful sesame seed top­ping. Con­sider serv­ing this roll with mayo, masago, or addi­tional toasted sesame seeds. Wasabi, pick­led gin­ger, and spicy mayo are a must have for this delec­table delight.

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Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll
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How to Make Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

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