How to Make Spicy Crab for Sushi Rolls

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How to Make Spicy Crab for Sushi Rolls or Sushi Topping

This mix is GREAT in Sushi Rolls either as a fill­ing or as a top­ping. Add masago (fish eggs) for a fla­vor twist. This is also great on tor­tilla chips as an appe­tizer! This a must have recipe for mak­ing Amer­i­can Sushi rolls.

Fish Cakes for Spicy Crab for Sushi Rolls

Fish Cakes for Spicy Crab for Sushi Rolls


  • Hot sauce (Sriracha)
  • Fish Cakes / Imi­ta­tion crab stick
  • May­on­naise
  • Masago (optional)

How to Make Spicy Crab for Sushi:

Mak­ing sushi is easy when you fol­low this spicy crab recipe. Ensure that all of your ingre­di­ents are out. Start off by plac­ing the frozen crab sticks, eas­ily pur­chased from your online stores, in to the sink in there plas­tic pack­age under cool flow­ing water. Run water over the crab sticks until they’re defrosted, this gen­er­ally takes about 15 min­utes flip­ping crab sticks over half way through. Place them on the cut­ting board.

Break up the fish cakes so they become stringy

Mak­ing spicy crab for sushi rolls

Unwrap the plas­tic wrap­pers for each crab stick.  I pre­fer to cut them into thirds, but there is no exact sci­ence for the best size. It’s all based on your choice. That is the beau­ti­ful thing about cre­at­ing sushi at home, you are able to decide exactly how much of each ingre­di­ent to increase make the best sushi.  Now we will add the srirachi hot sauce to taste. I per­son­ally use this sauce in all of my spicy sushi recipes. Add this for your own taste; this is slightly dif­fer­ent for everyone.

Next I add the Hellman’s may­on­naise which adds a creamy fla­vor to the spicy crab recipe. Finally, add the masago fish eggs. I add these to all my spicy shrimp and spicy crab recipes, and feel that it’s among the best com­pli­ments to any recipe when cre­at­ing sushi at home. Many peo­ple would rather omit the masago and that’s okay, the spicy crab recipe will be great with or with­out them.

Adding Masago to Spicy Crab for sushi roll recipes

Adding Masago to Spicy Crab for sushi roll recipes

Now that all of the ingre­di­ents are in the blend­ing bowl, gen­tly and thor­oughly mix them together. Allow the spicy crab recipe to be placed in the fridge for 15–30 min­utes to set up.  I love this recipe, other than its amaz­ing bal­anced taste and mix­ture of fla­vors, is that it goes well with any recipe when you are mak­ing sushi at home. Enjoy the sushi!

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How to Make Spicy Crab for Sushi Rolls

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