How to Make Spicy Crab for Sushi Rolls


How to Make Spicy Crab for Sushi Rolls or Sushi Topping

This mix is GREAT in Sushi Rolls either as a filling or as a topping. Add masago (fish eggs) for a flavor twist. This is also great on tortilla chips as an appetizer! This a must have recipe for making American Sushi rolls.

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Fish Cakes for Spicy Crab for Sushi Rolls

Fish Cakes for Spicy Crab for Sushi Rolls


  • Hot sauce (Sriracha)
  • Fish Cakes / Imitation crab stick
  • Mayonnaise
  • Masago (optional)

How to Make Spicy Crab for Sushi:

Making sushi is easy when you follow this spicy crab recipe. Ensure that all of your ingredients are out. Start off by placing the frozen crab sticks, easily purchased from your online stores, in to the sink in there plastic package under cool flowing water. Run water over the crab sticks until they’re defrosted, this generally takes about 15 minutes flipping crab sticks over half way through. Place them on the cutting board.

Break up the fish cakes so they become stringy

Making spicy crab for sushi rolls

Unwrap the plastic wrappers for each crab stick.  I prefer to cut them into thirds, but there is no exact science for the best size. It’s all based on your choice. That is the beautiful thing about creating sushi at home, you are able to decide exactly how much of each ingredient to increase make the best sushi.  Now we will add the srirachi hot sauce to taste. I personally use this sauce in all of my spicy sushi recipes. Add this for your own taste; this is slightly different for everyone.

Next I add the Hellman’s mayonnaise which adds a creamy flavor to the spicy crab recipe. Finally, add the masago fish eggs. I add these to all my spicy shrimp and spicy crab recipes, and feel that it’s among the best compliments to any recipe when creating sushi at home. Many people would rather omit the masago and that’s okay, the spicy crab recipe will be great with or without them.

Adding Masago to Spicy Crab for sushi roll recipes

Adding Masago to Spicy Crab for sushi roll recipes

Now that all of the ingredients are in the blending bowl, gently and thoroughly mix them together. Allow the spicy crab recipe to be placed in the fridge for 15-30 minutes to set up.  I love this recipe, other than its amazing balanced taste and mixture of flavors, is that it goes well with any recipe when you are making sushi at home. Enjoy the sushi!

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How to Make Spicy Crab for Sushi Rolls

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