How to Make Green Dragon Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll

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How to Make Green Dragon Shrimp Tem­pura Sushi Roll

This shrimp tem­pura roll recipe is one of the bet­ter cooked sushi roll recipes not only for its pal­let pleas­ing com­bi­na­tion of rich cream cheese, savory bar­be­cue eel, crunchy tem­pura shrimp, fresh and crispy juli­enne cucum­ber, and creamy Hass Avo­ca­dos for top­ping, but for its beau­ti­ful pre­sen­ta­tion. This is a huge hit at par­ties, and absolutely deli­cious. Every­one will want this Shrimp Tem­pura sushi roll recipe.

Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll

Green Dragon Shrimp Tem­pura Sushi Roll

Needed Equip­ment:

  • Sushi Mat
  • Sharp Ser­rated Knife
  • 1 Gal­lon Freezer Bag
  • Clean wet rag
  • Cel­lo­phane Wrap to Cover Roll


  • Nori (1/3 Sheet)
  • Sushi Rice (Pre­pared; One Palmful)
  • Savory Bar­be­cue Eel (1/2” strip that cov­ers length of roll)
  • Cream Cheese (1/4” x ¼” cut directly from the block and pinched to reach both ends)
  • Pre­pared Tem­pura Shrimp (enough to cover length of roll)
  • Cucum­ber Slices (1/4” thick and the length of the roll)

Top­ping: Thin sliced, slightly over­ripe avo­ca­dos (1/2 large) and eel sauce to taste.

Pre­sen­ta­tion: Square white plates make this dish pop. My favorite ones have reser­voirs along the side for wasabi to give this dish and extra kick, and pick­led gin­ger for a tangy bite.

Shrimp Tempura for Sushi Rolls

Shrimp Tem­pura for Sushi Rolls

Green Dragon Shrimp Tem­pura Sushi Roll

We will start off with 1/3 sheet of Nori, and palm­ful of rice. Place the sushi mat inside of the gal­lon sized plas­tic freezer bag, this ensures that the sushi rice does not become embed­ded into the mat, and makes for easy clean up.  Lay the sheet of sea­weed on top of the sushi mat. Wet your hands with water. Grab a hand­ful of sushi rice and place it in the mid­dle of the half sheet of sea­weed and gen­tly using your wet hands spread out to the edges. Press down gen­tly to ensure that the rice adheres to the sea­weed. Turn over the sheet so that it is sea­weed side up. Place the savory bar­be­cue eel across the entire cooked sushi roll ensur­ing that the eel is the length of the seaweed.

BBQ Eel for Sushi

BBQ Eel for Sushi

Add the strip of cream cheese directly next to the eel for a bal­ance of sweet and smoky.  The eel should be heated once thawed in a toaster oven along­side the shrimp tem­pura for approx­i­mately ten minute, and should be warm, and not hot, so that these two do not melt the cream cheese when they are placed into this shrimp tem­pura roll recipe. Place the crunchy shrimp tem­pura along­side the eel, and add fresh, crisp juli­enned cucum­bers from end to end. The cucum­bers add a fresh­ness to this shrimp tem­pura sushi roll that can­not be missed. Make sure that there will be the same amount of ingre­di­ents in each bite and com­pact the fill­ing while rolling the edge of the roll clos­est to you toward the other edge of the roll. Press down to firm it up, and make sure that the roll has sealed.

Green Dragon Sushi Roll Recipe

Green Dragon Sushi Roll Recipe

Now take the thinly sliced, slightly over­ripe, creamy hass avo­cado and place it over the exte­rior of the roll gen­tly. Place the Cel­lo­phane wrap over the entirety of the shrimp tem­pura sushi roll, and press down gen­tly. The avo­cado adds a won­der­ful pre­sen­ta­tion and look to the roll, not to men­tion the taste. Leav­ing the Cel­lo­phane wrap on, cut the roll in half, then each in half again, and again, remem­ber­ing to wipe off the knife between cuts. Remove the cel­lo­phane wrap and plate these deli­cious shrimp tem­pura sushi rolls.  Driz­zle eel sauce over the top of the roll. This shrimp tem­pura roll recipe looks divine with the eel sauce which also pro­vides another palate pleas­ing sweet fla­vor. Add wasabi and pick­led gin­ger for an extra spe­cial touch, and watch your guests gasp in amaze­ment when they are pre­sented with what seems like a masterpiece.

How to Make Green Dragon Shrimp Tem­pura Sushi Roll

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