Crab Sticks 101 for Making Sushi Rolls

Crab Sticks Fro Sushi Roll Recipes

Crab Sticks 101 for Making Sushi Rolls

Crab Sticks 101 for Sushi Roll Recipes. In this video I will talk about one of the essential ingredients in making sushi. Crab sticks or imitation crab sticks are a big part of any of my sushi nights. Knowing the right kind to get and which ones to stay away from when making your sushi roll recipes. Sushi mark will talk about the different kinds available for your sushi rolls and sushi night recipes.

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Hello, this is Sushi Mark here, with Today I want to talk about crab sticks or the imitation fish cakes or the imitation crab cakes. Whatever you call them, they’re a vital role in any of my Sushi nights and probably in yours as well.

Now, there are several different kinds of crab sticks and just to give you a little bit of background on me; I’ve been eating imitation crab since I was a kid. My mom used to put them in macaroni salad with mayonnaise and onions and of course with macaroni. I fell in love with it then and have been a big fan of imitation crab sticks and crab for that matter too. Specifically imitation crab sticks for many, many years — even before I started enjoying Sushi. So I’ve always bought them and consumed them. I have more of a background on the fish cakes or the imitation crab sticks than most people just because I’ve always enjoyed them.

They are not all created equal so you really have to be careful on what products you buy. This is not an ingredient to skimp on. You’re going to have to pay a decent price for this ingredient because if you get the bad ones, the ones made from China, and they’re kind of off color and they’re big sticks, they taste like cardboard. They taste so bad and you can’t even make Sushi with them. It’s absolutely horrible. The taste is terrible. So let’s talk about what kind to buy.

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Crab Sticks for Making Sushi Rolls

I have several different kinds here. The first type I’m going to show you is the type that I buy. I get from the Asian market or online. They come individually wrapped. You’re going to spend about $10.00 to $15.00 — $10.00 to $15.00 per package. Each of them comes individually wrapped in some little plastic wrap and it shreds very easily. Once you just rib your fingers across it, it would just shred up and that’s where you get the spicy crab from when you shred it all up. This is another kind of crab stick that is new on the market. It’s a little short. I like it a little longer for the Sushi rolls but you can always cut a couple of them in there. It’s competitively price. The taste isn’t bad. I definitely would prefer my crab sticks that I get from the Asian market, but in a pinch, if I didn’t have access to them, I would say, this is a good alternative. And you’re looking at about $6.00 per pound. Which I mean is very economical considering $10.00 to $15.00 for the good ones you get from online or the Asian market. But like I said, in a pinch, these will work as well.

Another one that I’ve used in the past, if I didn’t have access to my good imitation crab sticks or the fish cakes as they’re called, are these kinds here – the Crab Selects. These are available at most of your major grocery stores. Like I said, I definitely prefer the good ones. But if I don’t have them, these are a good alternative. Stay away from the ones that are cheaply made in China because they just don’t taste very good at all – like cardboard.

Normally per roll, you’ll get two per roll. They’ll fit long ways in a California roll. You can cut them up in little pieces and shred them. For spicy crab, you can put it on top of the roll, inside of the roll – it’s a very versatile ingredient and an essential ingredient in any of my Sushi nights. So I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial.

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Imitation Crab Sticks for Sushi Rolls

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