American Sushi Roll Recipe — Spicy Crab with Cucumber and Cream Cheese

Spicy Crab Roll with Cream Cheese Sushi Rolls Recipes

Spicy Crab with Cucum­ber and Cream Cheese with Masago on Top

American’s love sushi; sushi restau­rants are pop­ping up all over major cities, from the chic fusion style restau­rants, to the tra­di­tional gourmet. My per­sonal favorite is Amer­i­can style sushi, includ­ing this fan­tas­tic recipe for Spicy Crab Cream Cheese and Cucum­ber Sushi Roll with Masago, and after years of eat­ing it I decided to teach myself how to make sushi at home and now I want to teach you. This recipe is so sim­ple that even the most unsea­soned home cook can appear to be a sushi maker. Wow your friends and fam­ily with this easy and deli­cious recipe that bursts in your mouth with a creamy, crunchy, and savory mix of flavors.


Required Tools:
  • 1 one gal­lon size freezer bag
  • 1 Sushi Rolling Mat
  • 1 Full Sheet of Nori Sea­weed (cut into halves)
  • 1 cup of pre­pared sushi rice
  • 1/8th of a block of cream cheese (taken length­wise from the block)
  • Cucum­ber slice (cut ¼ thick in width, and the length of your Nori Sea­weed piece)
  • ½ cup of Spicy Crab (Spicy Crab Sushi recipe)
  • Top­ping: 1 Tbsp of Masago (small orange fish eggs)


Spicy Crab Roll with Cream Cheese

Spicy Crab Roll with Cream Cheese

Spicy Crab Cream Cheese and Cucum­ber Sushi Roll with Masago

Place your sushi mat inside of the gal­lon sized freezer bag, this pre­vents the rice from stick­ing to your mat and makes it eas­ier to roll up the sushi. Lay the freezer bag cov­ered sushi mat out on the table in front of you. Place the ½ piece of nori Sea­weed onto the mat and with wet hands spread a hand­ful of sushi rice over the top of the nori sea­weed, mak­ing sure to get rice out to the edges press­ing it gen­tly but firmly onto the nori sea­weed. Spoon the masago across the entire sur­face area of the rice. You can add the Masago as thickly as you want. I love Masago on my Amer­i­can sushi roll, and some­times go a lit­tle crazy with it, but it adds such a won­der­ful fla­vor. Gen­tly press the masago into the rice then flip the sea­weed, rice and masago over so that the masago is now on the bot­tom. Place a strip of cream cheese in the roll, using the cream cheese in the rolls adds a nice creamy tex­ture that com­bines well with the spicy crab. Add the cucum­ber strips, one on either side of the cream cheese. Next we take the spicy crab and spread it on top of the cucum­ber and cream cheese, mak­ing sure not to over­fill the sushi roll (How to make spicy crab recipe). Remem­ber that you can always add more heat once the roll is com­pleted by pro­vid­ing some wasabi to dip the sushi roll into.

Pre­sen­ta­tion Tip: For a beau­ti­ful pre­sen­ta­tion make sure that the cream cheese is placed down the cen­ter of the sea­weed with the cucum­ber slices on either side, and the spicy crab on top of the sea­weed this is prior to rolling the sushi roll.

[easyazon-image align=“center” asin=“B0043XEL28” locale=“us” height=“160” src=“” width=“160”]I Love these Crab Sticks!! (Kani Kama)


[easyazon-image align=“center” asin=“B00348H580” locale=“us” height=“160” src=“” width=“160”]Sriracha Hot Sauce — The only kind I use for my sushi recipes!


[easyazon-image align=“center” asin=“B000H241DS” locale=“us” height=“98” src=“” width=“160”]

Sushi Chef Sushi Mak­ing Kit


Time to Roll:

Grab­bing the por­tion of the sushi mat clos­est to you, roll it over the top of the sushi fill­ing to com­pact it into one solid roll, press it down, and quickly reroll, mak­ing sure that the two ends of the sea­weed (that clos­est to you and fur­thest away from you) are touch­ing so that they seal together. Notice how the Masago com­pletely cov­ers the out­side of the sushi roll, giv­ing it a stun­ning pre­sen­ta­tion. Add some Masago, sesame seeds, or avo­cado to your roll if you skipped that step above, or just want some addi­tional top­ping. Using a wet ser­rated knife cut the roll in half, and then each side in half again and again until you have eight equal pieces of sushi. Arrange with the fill­ing show­ing on an orna­men­tal plate so that it is pleas­ing to the eye. If you are plan­ning on hav­ing guests for din­ner or cock­tails this will make an excel­lent pre­sen­ta­tion. It looks as though you worked all day in the kitchen to make the per­fect sushi, when in fact it only took you min­utes! These tasty Sushi rolls can be fin­ished off with some wasabi, soy sauce and pick­led gin­ger. Enjoy!

Spicy Crab with Cucum­ber and Cream Cheese

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